Acapella Maker - Video Collage

Acapella Maker - Video Collage 0.5

Create acapella videos singing all parts of your favorite songs

There is no longer a need for backing singers with the Acapella Maker, as it allows you to combine a number of recordings to create a final piece. This app can also be used to create memorable video montages for all occasion including: weddings, birthdays and anniversaries and can be used to record special messages and best wishes for loved ones.

How does this app work?

The Acapella Maker - Video Collage is simple to use and you can get started in just 3 quick steps:
1) Choose a layout
2) Fill the collage with your videos
3) Combine and share your acapella videos with your friends

The Acapella video collage maker allows you the option to choose existing videos or record on the spot, you can also decide on the length of your video which can be as short as 10 seconds or as long as one minute.

Who is Acapella Maker suitable for?

This video-making app is suitable for everyone! Whether you're an expert singer or creating your first acapella movie - this app is suitable for you. All you need is an Android smartphone or device which supports versions 4.2 and upwards and you're on your way. The Acapella maker is also suitable for users of all ages, whether you're relaxing with your friends or entertaining the kids - this app will provide everyone with hours of fun and amusement.

Why Acapella Maker?

Although there is a wide variety of acapella makers available to download, the Acapella Maker - Video Collage is the top choice for many customers as it's simple to use and is even suitable for users who have no experience of recording these types of videos and comes with step-by-step instructions from start to finish.

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Acapella Maker - Video Collage


Acapella Maker - Video Collage 0.5

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